Ultra Weird Franken-Aquaman on eBay

This has been an interesting week… Three. Count them THREE. Ultra Weird Franken-Aquaman appeared on eBay.

The first one was a 1979 Aquaman on a yellow superman error card.

Winning Bid: $380

Second, 1979 Aquaman on a yellow superman error card with blue batman gloves.

BIN: $600 

Third, 1979 Aquaman on yellow superman error card with red torso and red hands.

BIN: $595

We all have heard about these figures through MegoMuseum.com galleries and forums, but to actually see them in the wild world of eBay is mesmerizing. 

I just wish I had the money to purchase each and every one of these figures but with prices in the $300-$600 range, I cannot actually bring myself to release my savings on these eBay treasures.

MegoMuseum.com states:

“As they disposed of excess inventory and cancelled figures, Mego took left over Aquaman, Spiderman and sometimes Batman gloves, slapped them on a ’79 Superman card and Voila! The Ultra Weird Franken-Aquaman, sometimes found with glow hands!”

Source Link: Aquaman WSH Gallery

I never knew something like this existed until I read it at MegoMuseum.com. So there you are folks Ultra Weird Franken-Aquamen in the wild.  If anyone bids and wins these rare items, please comment here on your experience with these fine gems from Mego.

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